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You become most like those you choose to support you.  Becoming a part of #teamatoz and the #ulbrichfit lifestyle will give you a community of like minded people. Not everyone wants to step on stage, or cross a finish line, but everyone in our "Team A to Z" has a fitness related goal, and we foster a positive and encouraging community of people.


"What Alyx Ulbrich has helped me to accomplish so far has been nothing short of amazing.  I'm "the skinny guy" - pretty much skin and bones in high school, college, and for most of my 12 years in the Marine Corps... then I "met" Alyx.  I saw the Ulbrich Fit Scholarship advertised on Capt Kris Ulbrich's Instagram.  I thought, "Sure, why not.  Nothing else has worked.  I'll give this a shot."  As soon as I started the meal and training plan, I also started Marine Corps Career Course.  Attending Career Course and sticking to a meal plan like this was next to impossible, but once I was done with Career Course and able to stick to the meal plan full-force, man, the difference.  Alyx was VERY understanding of my struggles with the meal plan while attending Career Course.  Though she is an online coach that I've only met once in person, she really knows how to make online personal training, personal, as other Team A to Z team members will tell you as well.  Now, I'm gearing up sometime soon for my first physique competition. Yes, I've come that far in just a few months and I'm confident that I should do very well when I take the stage.  Before now I really had no desire to take the physique stage just simply because I didn't think there was a way that I could look the way I do now.  Alyx changed that thought process pretty quickly.  If you're one of those "hard-gainers", like me, who just doesn't think it's possible to get that cover model body, think again!  I'm not completely there, yet, but with Alyx's help and the support and motivation from Team A to Z, my dream of that beach body is slowly, but surely becoming a reality.  I'm so glad I found the Ulbrich's and Team A to Z."

                                       – Wes Paben April 2015

"For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with weight loss and getting healthy. I would eat too much ...not eat enough ... eat the wrong foods in general....gain weight then lose weight and I was on constant re...peat...finally when I was preparing for our wedding, I decided to start really trying to get into good shape. I finally started caring about my appearance again & wanted to do it the right way. It wasn't until I really started listening and working with Alyx Ulbrich that my life changed forever. She and the rest of Team A to Z pushed me to levels I never thought I could reach. It goes to show with some dedication (even just a little), clean eating, daily workouts and goal setting is all you NEED. You just have to actually want it..Top picture was my highest EVER. Pushing 160lbs to my competition weight of 125. I didn't actually weigh myself day of comp but 2 days before I was 129 and I know I was less the day of. It's not about the scale but it is about how you feel about yourself. reach for the stars and don't ever quit. When you reach your goals ....keep going. This is a journey worth your entire life."
                                       Trisha O.

Client Photo

"Working on building muscle now to compete NPC after losing 125 lbs."
– Megan C.

Successful NPC bikini athlete, now focusing on her transition to the WBFF Transformation division. 






"A perfect team to be a part of. Everyone is supportive and helpful."

         – Amber Elizabeth - April 2015







I wish that I'd known that the body I have always wanted was only weeks away with the right programming and nutrition and that I could achieve it in such a healthy way!  Alyx's methods are not one size fits all, she treats every client as an individual and will listen and adjust to your goals and lifestyle.  Joining Team A to Z is one of the best decisions I've ever made!

                                       – Summer Wesson - April 18,2015 

A group of humbled human beings encouraging each other to stay true to their health goals... AtoZ is a long distance family. #proudtobepartofit

                                       – Derin Brito Mart - Feb 2015 

"I lost 20 lbs, keeping it off for over a year. Learned how to eat clean. Still using lots of exercises wonderful Alyx taught me. I lost inches too. I am sooooo happy with Alyx. She's the best!"

                                       – Christy Sawyer - May 5, 2014

"I'm down 30 with probably another 30 if not more to go. It's been a interesting journey. Alyx has introduced me to a lot of new and exciting things that has inspired me to continue on my journey! I won't lie it has been tough but it has also been fun and a lot of work! Thank you Alyx!"
                                       – Christine Carr - May 5, 2014

"Lost a total of 80 lbs. You were my best trainer and still my fav of all time."
                                       – Lisa N. - May 5, 2014

"Alyx is an awesome trainer. I love her energy and enthusiasm. She is positive yet pushes you to the next level. I recommend her to anyone looking to get in better shape from the novice to the high-level, competitive athlete. She will help you get better!!"
                                       – Corey Gold - August 21, 2013

"Alyx has been the sole source of my motivation to get back into shape this summer. Getting back on track is different for everyone, but having Alyx guide me with workouts and meal plans has been the push I needed. I feel healthier and am noticing the changes I wanted to see every time we work out. Two months ago, I would not have been able to do half of the things I am doing today without her help. Alyx has a deep passion and a great understanding of the fitness and health world. It shows strongly in her eagerness to help her clients and friends achieve their goals. She is definitely a rock star!!!"
                                       – Shelby Dorrance - August 20, 2013

"I have been working with Alyx Luck for 10 months. I told Alyx that red wine and red meat will never leave my diet and if she could handle that, I would hire her. She has changed the structure of my body to somewhat reflect the competitive athlete I used to be. At 44 I could barely do 10 modified burpees, 10 squats, 10 situps or a single push-up. She has me doing 50 one handed burpees, 25 real push-ups, multiples of hundreds on squats and sit-ups. I couldn’t be here without her and I couldn’t recommend a more competent, compassionate, committed trainer!"
                                        – Lynne Dossey - August 21, 2011

"So if you don’t already know Miss. Alyx is a phenominal trainer. She adapts to every client she takes on and gives you exaclty what you want/need. I only had a short time with her and lost 4in plus 10lbs it just two weeks. Along with her workouts she gives you eating tips. Strongly recommended."
                                        – Mo Madero - April 30, 2012

"I came to Alyx with the task of helping me gain weight and put on muscle. I have had trouble gaining weight in the past, trying different eating plans, personal trainers and so forth but I couldn’t seem to find the right blend because my metabolism is so high. In addition, I have to avoid certain foods such as dairy and some glutens. She put together a meal plan that catered to my needs and an in depth work out plan for me. I’ve been using it for about a month now and I’ve been able to put on 6 lbs!! To some this might seem like nothing, but I assure you, this is a HUGE jump from what I’ve seen and tried in the past. I feel healthier, look better (I’d like to think so anyway), and have much more energy than before. I highly recommend using Luck’s Personal Training! You’ll be glad you did!"
                                       – Russ Swersky - May 2, 2012

"Alyx is one of the most honest, hard working personal trainers i have ever come in contact with. Besides being willing and ready to go out of her way for a client to ensure whatever results they are looking for, you can tell the whole time that her heart is in the right place. I have seen her make weak people muscular, chubby girls thin, and shy people confident. She is by no means an easy trainer, but she will meet you where you are and improve you quickly. I came to Alyx in hopes of running a half marathon, I had trouble running half a mile a month ago, but under her watch I am a week ahead of schedule and I love love love running (hated it a month ago) I assure you that Alyx will get you to your goals, if you are willing to work as hard and be as committed to your health as she is.  -  May 2012 and updated: “butt totally kicked this morning, thank you so so much for the amazing workout! you’re the best!!"
                                        – Hannah Ezell - June 2013

"Alyx is an amazing trainer. I have only just started training with her, but I can already see and feel the difference. She got me on a meal plan, and with her boot camps, I am getting back into shape. I can already tell that I am going to get in great shape! I highly recommend Alyx as a trainer if anyone needs one! She will push you to your limits, but she also knows what is best to get you in the best shape of your life."
                                       –  Holly

"Alyx knows what she’s doing! I have been athletic my entire life, and do cardio for a living as a fitness instructor myself. I’ve dabbled in weight training, but never had a regimen that worked the way I hoped. With a more unique situation of quick muscle mass gain, I was worried I would bulk too quickly and look like a football player like I always have in the past when lifting heavy. NOT THE CASE! Alyx listened to me, understood my goals, and knew exactly what to do to get me on track. In only a few weeks of dedicated hard work AND CLEAN EATING, my body has completely transformed from fit and soft to fit, lean, firm and sculpted. I DO NOT look like I could play linebacker. My body has condensed and I look even more feminine. What started off as a temporary change up from my normal routine has become a positive obsession. Most importantly, I feel like I’m making myself the best me I can be. Thank you, Alyx, for all the inspiration, belief, and motivation. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you and look forward to continuing my fitness journey with you."
                                        –  Kristy T.

"Alyx does an awesome job in making workouts that are best for you as well as modifications. Even in the group classes she goes out of her way to make sure you are doing everything right and encourage you to do the best of your ability. She has extensive knowledge on fitness and nutrition. She is the most hard working and caring trainer then any other trainer I have ever had."
                                        – John C.

"Working on building muscle now to compete NPC after losing 125 lbs."
                                        – Megan C.

"I can honestly say there is not boot camp I could ever go to that was as good as yours! I don't live down there anymore so I was stuck going to one closer to my house. I absolutely hate it and dread going.

Just wanted to let you know how awesome you are!"

                                 – Michelle