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Ironman Texas


May 17th, 2014

Alyx - Ironman

Alyx will head south to the Memorial Hermann Full Ironman in Texas. She will begin her 2.4 miles swim in Lake Woodlands. The 112-mile bike course takes her west through the hot and humid, rolling farmland of east Texas. The day ends with a 26.2-mile run taking place entirely within The Woodlands.

It has been a few years since Alyx was active in the triathlon community as her primary focus has been competing as ultra marathons. It will not be an easy day. For someone who works more than full time, runs a charity Fitness Team, and trains much in the gym, the high cardiovascular demands of the Ironman will be a challenge.

One of the reason Alyx is so multifaceted in so many sports is she feels as a trainer it is her duty to first and foremost challenge herself and live the lifestyles she encourages from her clients. And she also believes in being humble and doing things outside of your comfort zone that teach you lessons you wouldn’t learn otherwise.

She is currently seeking companies to sponsor gear, volunteers and training partners ( as Kris is currently deployed). Even by making a donation to her Fitness Team A to Z would be a way to help her give back. Fitness Team A to Z is an at cost, or scholarships Fitness Team for all people, but that enables students, military and their families, and others in financial burdens to still benefit from having a competition coach, often at Alyx’s own expense. Alyx truly believes in the empowerment someone can find in seeking a physical or athletic goal, and reaching that goal quickly and safely so much that she doesn't believe finances should stand in the way of dreams coming true. If there is a will to learn, compete, or achieve, Alyx does her best to help the girls and gents of Fitness Team A to Z make it happen.

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The Ironman is now over, but here is a sneak peek at the end of the race for Alyx.