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Fast Attack Cover

Fast Attack Track Trainer - 4 Week Track Trainer

Price: $ 100.00

Full Description:

For the beginning to advanced runner, who has minimal time to train. A track only based program that requires little more than a towel and a water bottle. Buy this track training program for 30 Days of programed run and body weight workouts. This program is a 5 Day a week running based program, that will develop your speed, skill, as well as helping you to become a stronger runner in a sprint to marathon distance race.

A lifetime runner myself, specializing in mid distance and cross country thru high school, sprints in college, and ultra running as an adult, I have found a method of minimal training, granting maximal results. Prepare to lower your miles, but increase your speed and overall strength.

This program is for the fit, seeking to become fitter, however it is written in a manner than inorporates modifications for the newer runner seeking to gain overall run skill and strength.

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